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Strategic Marketing Direction

A focused, detailed marketing strategy is vital to the successful promotion of your business. Understanding who you are targeting, what you are promoting, your value proposition, the competitive landscape, and your USP's is essential.


Once your strategy has been developed, you can create a sales and marketing plan supporting your company goals and objectives.

Sales and Marketing Strategy Workshop

To help understand the sales and marketing strategy for your business, BlueDaisy offers a Sales and Marketing Strategy Workshop - an informal, exploratory session with key stakeholders from within your company. The aim is to understand in more depth the following:

  • where your business is positioned today

  • where you would like to be positioned

  • your key target markets - job titles, vertical markets, partners, distribution channels etc.

  • key messages for each of your targets

  • customer endorsements

  • your competitors and your view of their capabilities


The workshop's outcome is a comprehensive report on the Sales & Marketing Strategy required to deliver your tactical field plans. The findings and recommendations can be subject to implementation by your in-house team, outsourced to alternative vendors, or serviced by BlueDaisy Marketing.

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