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Full Marketing Support

People like to work with us because we deliver results in a way that makes sense for them. We operate as an extension of their organisation - respecting their objectives and culture.

Our key focus is on promoting technology products and services to mid- to enterprise market decision-makers. At this, we excel. We provide a one-stop marketing service without the restrictions of contracts or the need to cover high overhead costs.

Out Source Marketing

If you want to outsource your company's marketing and avoid committing to a permanent or contract staff member, BlueDaisy will provide you with the right skills and expertise. In addition, our flexible approach allows you to turn off or turn up the level of commitment to accommodate any changes in your circumstances.

Working for a fixed number of days or delivering agreed projects, you will experience a marketing professional who understands the entire marketing mix and will competently and confidently support your team. See some project examples.

Strategic Marketing Direction

Suppose you need to understand who you are targeting, what you are promoting, your value proposition, the competitive landscape, and USP's. Let BlueDaisy work with you to develop a focused, detailed sales and marketing strategy. You can then focus your efforts on the successful promotion of your business.  See how we can help define your Marketing Strategy >>

Contact Us

Our tried and tested approach, our honesty, our flexibility, and our “can do” attitude is the reason our customers come back again and again. You can see overviews of some projects we have delivered here.

We'd be delighted to discuss your requirements, contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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