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Being monthly or quarterly driven does not allow you the time or energy you need to add critical lead generation as a start point into the mix.  This is where BlueDaisy Marketing ensures the lead generation machine turns whilst you close.  Allow us to execute any of the following campaigns:-


  • Monthly email campaign to Prospects

  • Customer Retention campaign – milking the cash cow

  • Time limited offers to generate opportunities for close by a particular period end

  • Competitive knock off campaigns

  • Press Release and Case Study generation

  • Preparation of Sales Presentations

  • Corporate Hospitality and Events

  • Telemarketing campaigns to make the calls you do not have chance to make

  • Suspect Keep In Touch campaigns

  • Competitive reviews

  • LinkedIn Networking

Further Reading:

You may be interested in our short information guides: "Marketing in a Minute" are bite sized overviews of the key areas we know you'd like to know more about but simply don't have the time to research!

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Our tried and tested approach, our honesty, our flexibility and our “can do” attitude is the reason our customers come back again and again. You can see overviews of some projects we have delivered here.

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The attributes of a Seasoned Sales Professional are honed to take a sale from its inception through to final close, to maximise the revenue opportunity and satisfy customer demand.

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